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Introducing Your Scientific Runway

Welcome to Under The Red Chandelier: A Unified Masterpiece

I'll begin by referring to art as “branches” in the broad sense of the humanities. Our society and our culture are shaped by these “branches” such as fashion, design, food, music…you name it. The conventional definition of art is defined as “expressing behavior” which implies that such activities are both creative and aesthetic in nature.

Many of us are unaware that the arts and sciences are a part of one another, blending in and out, intertwining like vines. I wanted to create a series to show people just how much they are consumed by science on a daily basis, whether they know it or not.

Having explored over 85 countries, I can tell you…I have seen and studied the very wide field of science & medicine. But, I have also had the privilege to explore the many approaches and advancements in all things fashion, art, food, music, and design. From my journeys, I have learned, just as you will, how science can create a path for creativity within the arts.

I want this series to be a runway for those who want to add a little touch of science to their everyday lives. I’m hoping to establish a deep, unique, and cherished connection between you, the arts, and the sciences.

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