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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Want to take charge of your own health? Read on...

Who is the author behind Cure The Causes?

"You are the help and the solution you are looking for.”- Dr. Christina Rahm, author of Cure The Causes

Founded by scientific researcher and formulator extraordinaire Dr. Christina Rahm, Cure the Causes was written to enable us to live happier healthier lives by getting to the root cause of the problem. She has received numerous Doctorate degrees in various areas of science and the humanities and recently received two Honorary Doctorate degrees in Humanity and Pharmaceutical Science. Known for being a mother, scientist, and humanitarian, Dr. Christina Rahm has been brought in to consult with world leaders all over our globe. Her recent achievements include creating formulas for “The Root Brands,” and launching a global scientific runway fashion and art series, “Under the Red Chandelier", (which you have the privilege of reading now...)

The inspiration

Having traveled to over 85 countries, with an extensive educational background including certifications from Harvard and Cornell, Dr. Rahm has gained years of experience in the fields of nanotechnology bioscience engineering, counseling, psychology, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical clinical research and development, and nutrition. With the knowledge gained from her experiences, she has learned that the state of our health is greatly impacted by everything in our lives.

As a cancer and Lyme disease survivor, Dr. Christina Rahm learned the power of taking your health into your own hands. Her path pushed her towards not only heal the diagnosis of her illness but the cause of her illness. Cure the Causes does not claim to heal any illnesses. However, it weaves us through why illness can happen to anyone, and how finding the root cause is the first step to healing. Being a mother of four with the passion to help others take control of their health, she wrote the “Cure the Causes” book to discuss the many facets of disease and how restoring and revitalizing health can take place through simple daily measures.

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