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Frida Kahlo: My Art & Style Inspo

There are so many reasons why I love Frida Kahlo!

I love Frida Kahlo for her raw, honest art that speaks to the soul. Her vibrant and colorful works of art inspire me to be just as brave and free with my own creative expressions. As an artist in her own right, I am drawn to Kahlo’s relentless spirit and passion for life. Her artwork is both captivating and moving, capturing our attention while also illuminating moments of pain and hope.

Kahlo’s artwork often featured self-portraits filled with symbols, metaphors, and messages that spoke directly to the Mexican culture she was born into. She knew who she was and wasn’t afraid to share it with the world – something that resonates deeply within me. From her bright floral dresses to her bold brows, Kahlo embraced her beauty unapologetically; a trait I have come to admire in myself over time.

Frida's artwork is incredibly rich in emotion, with a depth that is often hard to pinpoint from a distance but can be felt upon closer inspection. Her art typically centers around self-portraiture, her own emotions, life experiences, and physical injuries that she suffered throughout her life, making it incredibly personal and intimate in nature.

Her colorful (often bright) palette complimented by asymmetrical patterns or bold graphic designs make for eye catching paintings that are truly remarkable. On top of her innate artistic ability, Frida had an incredible sense of style which was heavily influenced by Mexico’s traditional Tehuana clothing. She could be seen wearing colorful embroidered blouses in combination with bold jewelry pieces like earrings or necklaces made up of natural materials such as shells or teeth.

The passion and strength that Frida exhibited in all aspects of her life is something to be admired. Even though she suffered greatly due to ill health during much of her life, Frida never succumbed to despair; instead she used the pain she experienced to fuel her creativity and inspire those around her through her art. This courage makes me want to strive higher despite any hardship, which I think is an incredible message to take away from this incredible woman’s legacy!

I hope that my love for Frida Kahlo will continue to influence my art work for years to come - it doesn't matter if I'm painting on canvas or accessorizing an outfit; I'll always carry the spirit of Frida within me no matter what!

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